Artist Statement

Piers, though a  Shropshire-born lad, acquired a love of drawing and painting in early childhood scooter -ing about in those Constable-like lanes (and off to paint the fields and hills)  of Shropshire. After formal art training, he travelled alone  and painted (and adventured!) extensively in Europe and for a month central Africa, before settling in his adopted, equally landlocked  North Yorkshire in 1975:  Wensleydale, especially from a height affords amazing panoramic vistas,  a major influence upon Piers’ life and work.

He is a ardent colourist and this combination for capturing light with free brushwork's or palette knife's panache has produced many exceptional oils and etchings, some regularly hung at the R A Summer show.   Olive tree and Seascape works   have recently  gained him much recognition making the the landlocking broken!

Most recent are paintings and etchings of south Provence  for the launch  by Sept 8th 2017 of LA ROUTE DES VIOLETTES,  which may be mass published, but if accepted, and even (later) handmade after publication for those  Collectors who buy for many thousands of pounds Piers' large handmade books. Piers has made 3 so far and they take, in between painting and even writing poetry,  a good 3 or 4 years each to construct - though  our Oxford's Bodleian and Cambridge Uni libraries each asked to buy a copy each. They are pretty unique in the world at present, being traditional tho' visionary etchings (even Samuel Palmerian landscape or seascape, it is said)  with his own poems - he calls them verses! - handset type by hand and Eye usually in London.

"LA ROUTE DES VIOLETTES' contains, before editing ending end Feb 2016,  about 15,000 words just completed after he found to write the story in near 60  - 6 line verses. The USA's CACCC in Johnstown had booked to launch it in Pennsylvania on Earth Day, April 22 2016 - with a show of 500 PB oils and etchings, most from his GLORIOUS TREES BOOK as about 200 of 4000 of those books  saved for them. The trees were all over the UK and Eire,: "La Route..." is set in the  foothills of Provence's Alpes Maritime at Tourettes sur loup near Vence where we meet a 14 year old violet picking  local meeting the same aged english boy who is holidaying - then they remeet 14 years after that and he,a virulent atheist, has the task of getting her out of the convent she had to take refuge in from a bad local, to willingly join our hero....his conversion is overnight and startling.

Since 1975 there have been several books produced, from the penultimate one, a magnum opus called ‘The Glorious Trees of Great Britain’  complete with around 170 full-colour etchings reproduced therein o the more frivolous verse of ‘Love in the Aegean’, interspersed with a chord or two of his musical compositions in a CD.  peter Gabriel'sex arranger helped with other cds of Piers's.

Overwhelmingly the desire to capture the beauty of Nature, and people working in nature sometimes, ii.e. all Creation  drives him on. Piers is amazed at our fragile but abundantly beautiful and useful planet's loveliness held in space amongst a vast  firmament - - phew! He is both a Christian, an ardent GREENPEACE founder-member from 1972 and an EARTHWATCH water sampler on=ce a month...hardly arduous activities.
Piers: “Atmosphere in the natural world, skies allied with the land or sea, is my thrill where summer colours must hum and hard sharp winter ones have dynamism and vivacity also whipping up waves on sea and bending trees on land. The eye must be led and thus I hope you absorb the beauty from my true to life vision”

 Royal Academician artists Diana Armfield and her husband Bernard Dunstan wrote: "We both admire the wonderful intensity of Piers' vision, and in some of his oils, the handling, the rythmn of the paint marks, make for a strange beauty all of their own......and his etchings are superb."

Regarding recent etchings, after four solid years, he completed in 2012 a major project of ‘The Seasons’, a series of 8 large 21" square colour etchings of Upper Wensleydale, as seen, in that Monet tradition from one vantage point in our four seasons  at ‘Dawn’ and at ‘Dusk’.... so eight in all.  Again it's the interplay of tone and colour across the same scene as seen  at different times of year which is being captured in a remarkable variety of  light, let alone form - bare trees and snow to sweeps of blue shadows across green'ed up land.   DO ask PB for a free little colour catalogue or see under ETCHINGS - YORKSHIRE on this site the etchings which are listed something like 'Autumn dawn: upper Wensledale from Ellerkin'
Piers was chosen as winner of the Great North Art Show 2012 in Ripon Cathedral where he exhibited the then just the 4 x ‘Dusk’ s of the  Seasons’ etchings, alongside a huge landscape oil. 2016 he is working on PROVENCE etchings and seascape oils for this LA ROUTE book launch hopefully at either the Pyramid Gallery in York or the Walker Contemporary Art gallery in Harrogate (The North) and in London, and in the USA hopefully in Pennsylvania's art town of Johnstown.

Laurie MacLaren of Highgate Contemporary Art once said in 20013: "Piers always paints with fervour! And paints and etches conveying well what he loves".

Now.....THIS IS AN IMPORTANT NOTE for patrons of prints:
Piers is also a Printmaker of ORIGINAL etchings working onto then from metal he etches by hand:

THERE IS MORE THAN a bit of a confusion over the term "Limited edition Giclee print” to the buying public. Nowadays, by completely casual deceit, a photographed painting or whatever two-dimensional artwork, signed and beautifully framed, is passed over to people as a “Limited Edition’ print. It is often exactly the same price as a hand-made, truly valuable, non-photographed "Limited Edition, Original prints". The public are often convinced this giclee print is ‘original when only the signature is!PB and all printmakers have no objection if printed on the giglee's front is 'This is reproduced from an Original Oil (or whatever)

 Buying a photographed work of say an OIL painting  at almost or even the same price as an 'original' handmade print is madness, being really no less than a ‘con’ as the public are being sold what is in effect a photo Reproduction sold in a glamourous frame at exorbitant prices and most likely because the word ‘Giclee’ sounds glamourously to authenticate a truly ‘Original Print’ when it’s not handmade and thus hardly ‘original’, so really the public are misled. In PB's experience when he asks gallery staff why the sell these reproductions called giclees at an original's price, the gallery staff cannot reply! - or say 'they're v popular so we can;t go on as a gallery without this happening!"  That really must confuse the art buying public keen to have something of value in their homes! A Giclee print is a fancy frenchified word for a Reproduction, worth and worth just the value of the artist's signature and the minimal cost of its photographically reproduced printing by a Printer. It does not having the genuine emboss of say an etching or the live artist's ink of sa lithographthat is run through a Press having been each one made by hand, inked by hand, printed by hand  and signed to say geuine, etc etc. Would Picasso have signed reproductions? And far worse then made the photos (as that is what they are) a numbered edition! DEAR, potentially gullible patron, ask a gallery and if you buy a giclee  'WHY SO MUCH FOR A PHOTOGRAPH OF AN ORIGINAL?!" A law should be passed to say perhaps with a stamp PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT on each giclee - make it clear for the public! The way oils are photoed, then framed expensively having been put on canvas which is then varnished, is almost downright 'hoodwinking' Joe Public!!